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Graphic Novel


ZĒP, or ZĒP: A WORLD IN TWELVE VOLUMES, is an ongoing, large-scale graphic novel project/series in twelve volumes, straight from the “twisted” mind of Nolan Cross, and illustrated from the talented pen of Benji Andringa. Each volume consists of roughly 7 story chapters of varying lengths, which will become available as the fable is written and drawn!

ZĒP takes place in the parallel world known unsurprisingly as Zēp, where heavily tormented, complex, and wacky characters come together to form the narrative. ZĒP will take you to Hell and back – at times literally – on an incredible journey of violence, the human psyche, memory, redemption, and above all, Good and Evil, all in a vastly and rapidly changing interconnected world.

Project ZĒP’s defining features, as described by the creator:

  • ZĒP blends all genres. Horror, dark comedy, dark fantasy, cosmic science fiction, mystery thriller, all-too human drama, action and adventure are all moulded together to create something truly unique.
  • Overall, ZĒP is not for the faint of heart…which is exactly the point. Throughout everything, sticking with the tale and enduring the frequent darkness is all necessary to see the beauty and light at the end of the journey.
  • Surreal and incredible visuals! Every location in ZĒP has a clear and defining aesthetic, and vibrant colour will become a bigger feature as we go on. Filmmakers Alejandro Jodorowsky and David Lynch mixed with 80’s fantasy films and video games of all kinds are often touchstones for the look of the world itself.
  • And, above all else, incredibly layered characters and riveting, often delightfully bizarre dialogue. No character is as they seem, and factions of all kinds soon burst into the fray from every corner of Zēp.


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