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The Creators

Black and white illustration of young man wearing hoodie sitting at desk

Nolan Cross

The Author and Creator

Seventeen years old with a degree of wackiness, Nolan Cross’ passion is for movies. As far back as he can remember, he’s always adored the art of cinema, and his ultimate aspiration is to be a moviemaker extradonairè. Along with many of the survival horror/fantasy roleplaying video games he’s played, Nolan has internalized every film he’s seen and takes them in as fuel for his own creative projects. Almost everything in ZĒP is probably indirectly influenced by some movie or game, and when not working on the project itself or the dreaded time-sucking menace known as school, he spends his time watching, experiencing, and critiquing every kind of film out there. His heroes include David Lynch, Sion Sono, Peter Jackson, Albert Einstein, Hideo Kojima, and Jesus of Nazareth.

Some of his favourite films are The House that Jack Built (2018), Love Exposure (2008), and the Lord of The Rings Trilogy, and his favourite video game has always been The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. He will often describe ZĒP itself as a mashup of ‘Lord of The Rings’ crossed with ‘Twin Peaks’ the TV show with a dash of Resident Evil VIII: Village and The Evil Within games.

The story and World of ZĒP have remained a constant throughout his life for a very long time. ‘Passion project’ would be a criminally huge understatement.

Benji Andringa

The Designer and Illustrator

Benji aka Lowclass is a recognized graphic designer and illustrator, specializing in a wide variety of drawing styles and design techniques. The ZĒP Project is his first swing at a graphic novel. Working alongside writer/creator Nolan Cross, Benji has developed a new style of pencil, ink and grayscale to give life to the World of Zēp.

His inspirations include anything hand-drawn and old school such as vintage comic books, magazine ads, retro sci fi book covers, surf, skate, and pre 2000’s album art.

Black and white graphic novel illustrations of long haired young man drawing at a desk